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Caju is a fully customised factory/fake/tbl Blythe. She has a fully articulated body (no tilty neck). This body is the new type available on AliExpress. I really like this body, it has great posability and the joints are pretty firm. It even stands up on its own. The full length photo is this girl standing with no support at all. 
I have sanded the chest flat as I'm not a fan of giant boobs on dolls! And the rest of the body is sand matted too. 
I have carved and painted her features, given her new eye chips (Puppelina/Julia G/Yumi Camui), new lashes and eyelid art; all fully sealed. 
The clothing in the photos is not included. I will dress her in something though so she doesn't travel nude. 

All customisation is done by hand which means every doll I create is unique and not 'factory perfect'. Any issues will always be mentioned in the listing. 
Please contact me if you have any questions or need to see more pics before buying. 
She will be sent tracked and insured, if this is available in your country. 
Import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. 
No returns accepted.


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