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Hi! I'm Kelly, a doll customiser from the UK.

I began customising dolls for myself in 2007 when I bought my first ball jointed doll. I found the greatest pleasure in owning dolls came from the ability to change them; to make them my own unique creations.

Over the years I've customised quite a few different types of doll but it was Blythe that became my favourite to own and to customise. I like to work on all types of Blythe and have even restored a couple of Kenners. 

My first time as a vendor at a Blythecon was BCUK in 2015. The event went well (and was great fun!) and led to me being lucky enough to become a full time customiser. 

I still work on other types of doll from time to time; Pullip, vinyl dolls, BJDs, Disney Animator dolls etc.

I also love to sew for dolls. Just recently I've got into beading fabrics and lace using the tiniest seed beads and sequins. This takes hours, sometimes even days, but I really enjoy it! 

But the best thing of all about being a doll customiser is being able to make things that bring pleasure to people's lives ♥

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