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Radley is a fully customised genuine Ashton Drake (ADG) Blythe. She has a Licca type body with tilty neck (firm, not wobbly!) 
She has her original scalp. The hair is lovely and soft. The scalp fits nicely around the front faceplate but there is a small overhang at the back, only a millimetre or two. There's no significant gapping. 
I have carved and painted her features, given her new eye chips, new lashes, and eyelid art; all sealed with MSC UV Flat.
She wears a dress which I designed and made specially for her using recycled sari silk, with socks and leather shoes. 

I created this girl as a donation for Big Eyes in Amsterdam but as the event has been postponed I've decided to let her find a new home now. 

All customisation is done by hand which means every doll I create is unique and not 'factory perfect'. Any issues will always be mentioned in the listing. 
Please contact me if you have any questions or need to see more pics before buying. 
She will be sent tracked and insured, if this is available in your country. 
Import taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. 
No returns accepted.


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